Why Our AAA NAID Certification Is So Important

Tuesday, July 28, 2015 5:45 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

The AAA NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) certification is the most significant credential for any mobile shredding service, and we wear our NAID membership badge on our homepage with pride. It guarantees our competency as a data destruction company, ensuring our services follow various disposal laws and security procedures. To the average consumer, however, the true significance of this certificate and our NAID membership can be lost. Our AAA NAID certification sets us above the average mobile shredding service, making it just as important to you as it is to us.

Finding a reputable data destruction service can be (admittedly) very hard. Like any other service, the industry is flooded with hundreds of companies that claim that they can properly dispose of your home’s or business’ records. Without knowing industry standards and national laws, what constitutes proper disposal is a mystery.  You’re ill-equipped in time and knowledge to properly evaluate the competency of the various shredding services that claim secure data destruction.

For a business owner who collects client information, understanding and complying to correct destruction procedures is in your best interest. According to law, it’s up to you to confirm that the data destruction services you employ are compliant to industry procedures. Should these services dispose of your documents via insecure methods and threaten your clients’ information to public exposure, you can be held liable.

As a 3rd party trade association made up of disposal experts, security professionals, certified auditors, and IT specialists, NAID is properly equipped to assess shredding services’ procedures. This governing body outlines and verifies the regulatory requirements mobile shredding services like us have to follow in order to assert compliancy to international data procedures and data protection laws. As of today, NAID verifies the compliancy of over 900 shredding services around the world, including Canada, the UK, Australia, America, Germany, and Spain.

NAID is the most powerful tool for the average consumer, as it takes all of the 2nd guessing out of finding a reputable shredding service. As a 3rd party of trusted professionals, they vet any shredding company that desires NAID certification. Only those that meet their strict requirements will receive a certificate and membership. Any services that lacks a certification either has failed their screening processes or hasn’t applied because they know they won’t meet their security standards.

Their vetting process includes regulating security specifications regarding the operational and security procedures followed by shredding services. No detail is left unexamined. The final size of shredded document pieces is assessed according to industry standards. The ways in which employees are screened and trained have to follow specific criteria. The ways materials are transported and secured are evaluated.

They do this by employing independent security auditors certified by ASIS international, a company devoted to global security measures. Without advanced warning, these auditors will drop in on their members’ facilities, ensuring that they cannot prepare for these visits by tweaking policies specifically for the appointment. In order to pass, NAID members must follow proper procedures at all times, as auditors can review their procedures at any time. These auditors know exactly what to look for, checking a shredding service’s policies and security and confirming its compliance.

With the AAA NAID membership, you can confirm that our commercial and residential services – regardless of size, frequency, or purpose – are compliant, ensuring your documents and digital media are destroyed properly and permanently. Our bonded staff and professional services are up to industry regulatory standards and trusted against all other document disposal services, which is why we’re so proud of our AAA NAID certification.

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