What To Do With Old Electronics During The Holidays

Friday, November 16, 2018 9:52 am, Posted by Absolute Destruction

The holidays are prime time to give and receive electronics: the newest iPhone, a slim Chromebook, or the gaming console you’ve been waiting for. You likely don’t need to keep your previous version, so you either give it to someone else, donate it, or even throw it away. You’ve heard warnings about security precautions that are necessary to take, so you wiped the drive clean; or, maybe you don’t quite trust in your capabilities to do this properly, so you store it in your closet instead.

There is a completely secure and environmentally-friendly way to dispose of your electronics when you’re done with them that beats all of these methods.

Data on devices like phones, tablets, storage drives, and more, can be accessed and used for identity theft purposes, which is a scenario you do not want to find yourself in. Proper data destruction for residential homes is crucial. Exposure can ruin your credit for years, cause you a hassle any time you need to prove who you are, and can take what seems like forever to fix.

Identity theft can happen digitally, like through hacking. And it can also happen via analogue theft, i.e., having data on a drive or device stolen through physical theft or exposure. This crime can be perpetrated by a stranger, but it also happens frequently by a known acquaintance.

old electronics

If you leave your old electronics sitting around the house after receiving upgrades for Christmas or buying new ones during a Cyber Monday spree, it leaves them and you vulnerable. They’re forgotten about, and they might be tossed away without a second thought during a move or a major clean. They’re often not under lock and key, so anyone who has access to the premises or general area could potentially take them. Even when drives have been wiped, data is retrievable by experts. There are articles easily accessible online explaining how to recover data that has been accidentally deleted. It’s also necessary to recycle all electronic devices, even ones that have no sensitive data on them, because e-waste is a serious environmental and health concern, especially when parts are shipped to developing countries who have lax incineration and landfill rules.

The most secure, safe, and green way to deal with old electronics is to call Absolute Destruction, a professional document destruction company that also handles electronics. We will come to your home or office and crush your technology using proper techniques on-site where visual verification is possible, and the remaining pieces are guaranteed to be recycled properly off-site. We are AAA-NAID certified and offer highly regulated services, plus train our staff with the proper procedures.

Gather up your hard drives, USB drives, tapes, disks, and other storage devices, phones, laptops, tablets, memory cards, and more. To make the most of your appointment, it’s always a good time for proper maintenance on your paper files and gets them shredded, as well. With everything that is not currently needed being safely destroyed, you can feel better about lowering your risk of identity theft, data exposure, and increasing the safety of your home or office.

We’ve been providing on-site shredding services in Waterloo and surrounding areas, plus electronics destruction since 1998 for homes and businesses. We’re proudly Canadian-owned and operated and happy to offer peace-of-mind and reduce your carbon footprint while we’re at it. Request a quote using our easy online portal at any time.

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