Mobile Shredding Services Make Data Protection Easy

Tuesday, December 24, 2013 4:30 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

When you consider the impact today’s technology has on the business world you may find yourself focused only on the security of the information your company shares online. While it is smart to consider online security in your overall company profile, it is also shortsighted not to also pay attention to the security of your in house documentation. Paper and electronic documentation within any office is something that needs to be properly purged at regular intervals. The documents that your company shares manually are just as vulnerable as the information you share electronically. It’s no longer possible to simply throw those secure documents in a garbage bin; in fact, carelessly mishandling your company’s information can prove disastrous for your company’s reputation and security.

Today, one of the biggest threats impacting both individuals and companies alike is information theft, perpetrated by people whose sole purpose is to acquire information about your customers and use it unfavourably. Such action usually leads to legal issues for unsuspecting companies oblivious to the impact of their relaxed attitude regarding the protection of their sensitive data. There are some foolproof steps you can take to guard against this kind of vulnerability. Professional mobile document shredding services will keep your document destruction current in a professional and secure manner. Realizing your company may be vulnerable is the first step, choosing a company whose service is unsurpassed in data protection is your next. The advantages of using a professional shredding service are many but even just consider how vulnerable personal paperwork of your employees and customers may be.  That is one of the most compelling reasons to address this issue.

At Absolute Destruction document destruction we are a top notch Canadian company that specializes in all manner of document destruction.  We are a member of the National Association of Information Destruction, Canada’s top regulator overseeing companies that handle information and document destruction.  Their website offers all of the details pertaining to the industry and can be viewed at  In addition to shredding your documents, Absolute Destruction offers a recycling program for all destroyed materials and has the most eco-friendly policy in its industry. You can be assured of protecting your company’s valuable data, and contributing to the health of the environment, simply by implementing a shredding strategy. Shredded data can be repurposed in multiple ways when it comes to the environment, if used in conjunction with our recycling program.

At Absolute Destruction flexibility is an instrumental part of our focus. We want our customers to know that they can utilize our facility-based shredding services and mobile shredders once, or on an on-going basis. We are available to pick up your data and shred everything at our facility, or if you prefer, we can also deploy our mobile shredding services for real time shredding at your business location. Ensure the complete and secure destruction of your valuable data with the services offered by Absolute Destruction. Our mission is a simple yet effective one; we protect, destroy and recycle. You can trust our company to destroy your most sensitive information with expertise, knowledge and professionalism. Contact us today to learn more about how you can make your company less vulnerable and more secure by using our facility based or mobile shredders.

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