Hire NAID-Certified Data Destruction Service Providers

Wednesday, July 18, 2018 1:30 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

Identity theft is a problem that isn’t going away. Businesses continue to collect personal information for marketing and selling purposes, and they have a whole host of security measures that need to be in place to protect this sensitive data. Both customer and employee information, as well as other stored data, needs to be safeguarded with both cyber and physical security considerations. An important part of these systems is proper destruction of data and recycling after the fact. How do businesses know they’re hiring adequate paper shredding or electronic device crushing services to handle these important steps? By working with a AAA NAID-accredited data destruction company. The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) is an official governing body that ensures any document destruction company that has received certification is compliant with all of the legal and official rules and regulations required to safely and securely destroy information. Businesses are required by law to handle their customer, employee, and company data in a way that meets a specific set of criteria, including contracting their shredding and other device destruction needs out to an adequate company. NAID certification involves evaluating and verifying employee screening, training, and access controls as well as a large list of other points. The service provider’s policies and procedures must satisfy all of NAID’s criteria, and they need to undergo regular audits to ensure they’re continuing to do everything required. When mobile shredding services obtain NAID’s accreditation and certification, this is a clear indicator of quality and the trust that can be placed in their hands. An uncertified company could have inadequate shredders, take materials off-site to do the work where they cannot be monitored, not have high quality crushing equipment to properly destroy electronic devices, or sell old electronics to third parties to cash in on the materials. The resulting information leakage could lead to cases of identity theft of customer and employee information as well as exposure of sensitive company data. NAID is a third-party trade association that is governed and operated by IT and security professionals, auditors, and disposal experts who create, verify, and update their regulatory systems according to data protection laws. Data destruction service providers who seek accreditation need to meet strict screening and technical requirements and have their operations thoroughly vetted and regularly reviewed. This includes infrastructure and equipment, employee training and methods, and even the size of the pieces collected after shredding. The audits are unannounced and review facilities, trucks, and all procedures. Note that businesses can be members of NAID yet not be certified. Make sure any service provider has completed and obtained their AAA certification before hiring. Absolute Destruction and Recycling Corp. are not only AAA NAID-certified but we also guarantee the proper and safe recycling of all the resulting materials, like paper, plastic, and metals. Our customers, both commercial and residential, feel confident their data is being handled properly and in an eco-friendly manner. We provide on site shredding services to those in the Greater Toronto Area, as well as surrounding areas of southern Ontario. Our uniformed, bonded, and ID’s customer service team can provide you with lockable containers and provide shredding and crushing services right on site, where you can visually verify the completion of our secure and safe services. Contact us any time to learn more about our AAA NAID certification and how we can serve your information and sensitive data destruction needs.

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