AAA NAID Certification — Accreditation You Can Trust

Friday, October 7, 2016 2:23 pm, Posted by Absolute Destruction

Now that identity theft is not only a crime that’s here to stay but actively growing in frequency, the search for a shredding service that can help you dispose of your confidential documents is critical. But it’s a search fraught with choice, as the GTA is inundated with shredding companies offering professional document destruction. Many of our customers, before they experience our shredding first hand, ask what puts us ahead of the pack, and our answer is simple. We don’t try to win their business by using empty marketing rhetoric, like speedy service and superior customer service. We provide them with cold, hard, quantifiable facts, like our AAA NAID certification.

The accreditation awarded by the National Association for Information is a benchmark for the document destruction industry. It’s the primary credential for any service that provides secure shredding services, as it guarantees competency in following accurate disposal laws and security procedures. Without a NAID membership and an AAA certification, a shredding company doesn’t satisfy industry standards or federal laws regarding the destruction of personal information. Their failure to adhere to these laws could result in an information leak that puts your company’s reputation and your client’s information at risk.

NAID is a third party trade association governed by certified auditors, IT specialists, security professionals, and disposal experts who create and verify the regulatory requirements shredding services have to follow in order to meet international data procedures and data protection laws. Any company wishing to achieve their certification must meet their strict screening procedures and technical requirements. This vetting process involves examination of a shredding service’s operational and security procedures, including the ways in which documents are collected, the final size of the shredded pieces, and the screening and training methods employed in the hiring process.

Beyond the initial vetting process that awards shredding companies their membership NAID carries out regular, yet unannounced, inspections of their operations. Security auditors will arrive without advanced warnings and evaluate the security of their facilities, mobile shredding trucks, and procedures. These auditors, certified by a third-party company devoted to global security, have a checklist of items and activities that they look out for in order to confirm the shredding service’s continued compliance to NAID’s policies.

So far, only 900 shredding companies in the world have achieved AAA certification from NAID, and you can count Absolute Destruction amongst them. We’ve achieved our AAA NAID membership so that our customers can feel confident about the security of our residential, commercial, and electronic data destruction services. Regardless of the reason behind your call or the size or frequency of your needs, we offer secure mobile shredding in compliance with international data procedures and protection laws, including Canada’s very own PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) and PHIPA (Personal Health Information Protection Act).

Whether we’re visiting your home or your place of business, know that our bonded staff and professional services are guaranteed to destroy — without a doubt — any physical or digital material (and the personal information that they hold). And it’s all thanks to our AAA NAID certification. You can trust this accreditation more than any claim we can make about our business, which is why we proudly showcase our membership on our homepage. Give us a call when you’re ready to experience what it’s like working with an authorized shredding service.

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